Spiritual Arts & Education Center

 Welcome to Inspired Life Healing with Deana Tareshawty

I’d like to welcome you to my new healing practice, Inspired Life Healing.

The new websites will be up an running soon, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak at what Inspired Life Healing is all about. 


 Through my healing practice at Inspired Life Healing, I help you Master the Energies of Life.


My Mission is to help you recognize and balance the energies in life that cause dis-ease, disharmony, restlessness, and unhappiness.

My job is to show you the door to “inspired life ” healing through the introduction of alternative healing methods.

Your job is to walk through that door and become liberated from the chaos of life. Thus, becoming the master of the energies of your life, achieving whole lifehealing.

For those who are seeking more, for those who are ready and willing to have more than just a glimpse of total healing… I can show you where to find that… for real!



Inspired Life Healing is open by appointment only. 

Please note- at this moment the facility  is not handicap accessible. Sorry for the inconvenience .

My new office, coming in April will be completely accessible to meet all needs.