Spiritual Arts & Education Center

 Welcome to Bella Nitesh Spiritual Arts & Education Center

“Inspired Wellness for a Balanced Life”

“Bella” as it is affectionately referred to by our community, is a place where you can become inspired toward wellness and peace through our program offerings and private energy rebalancing appointments.  

Wellness and peace naturally exist within you.

Let us show you how to tap into that wellspring!

Inspired Wellness is the Art of :

Listening deeply to the needs of your being, and then providing it the means to balance through energy work, healthy lifestyle, and spiritual practice.

Listening deeply is an art that is cultivated through meditation, and a slower paced life that allows for reflection and response instead of reaction.

This creates a state of wellness and wellbeing that leads to inner peace. Inner peace is, what we at Bella, consider to be

” in good physical & emotional condition.”

Our practitioners and programs provide a foundation for wellness that encourages a spiritual practice and healthy lifestyle.  

Through my own personal experience with a spiritual lifestyle and the documented results of clients, I can attest that this approach to wellbeing  leads to a better quality of life.

Who doesn’t want that?

Check out our calendar to see when programs in meditation and spiritual practice and healthy lifestyle will be held.

Looking for Energy Rebalancing ?

Check out the practitioner tab and find the service for you.

Stop by and visit our Crystal Showroom or take advantage of Bella’s FREE resources: Lending Library and Healing/Meditation Nook.

Bella is open Thursdays 3PM- 8PM, Fridays 11AM- 5 PM and Saturdays are now by appointment only.  All other services are by appointment.